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Roadside Memorial Cross 208

Roadside memorial cross can also be used as a grave decoration, cemetery cross, funeral cross.  Visit on Etsy


Cross Feature, red cross

Funeral Cross 134

Red cross with mixed bouquet.  Can be used as a funeral cross, memorial cross, roadside cross or cemetery marker. No assembly required.,view:table/507000506,view:table/507000506


red cross

Pray for the Sick Cross 114

Sturdy Steel Powder Coated Cross with Flower Arrangement and “Snip It” Technology.

This cross is quite special. Our hope would be that a group of people form within local communities to purchase and place outside someone’s home who is sick. Anyone who drives by this home, would see and hopefully say a quick prayer for them when they see this cross.

Once there is no more need to have that cross out at that home, the community will move the cross to another who is sick to bring prayers to their lives and so on. A way to pay it forward and give up some special prayers for those who need it. Anyone could of course individually purchase for someone who is sick as well..

Because of the cause it sells at a discounted price plus S&H. 

Click here to purchase Cross 114


Cross Feature, red cross

Military Cross 90

For those that you wish to honor that were in the military, memorial cross, military cross, funeral cross, roadside cross, or gravesite marker 90 is the cross for you.  Beautiful red cross complimented with a simple red white and blue arrangement.